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Christian Fellowship Church (CFC) is located in beautiful Buckhannon, West Virginia. We're devoted to following Christ and setting an example for others to see. CFC, Where Christ Reigns Supreme.

Fundamentally speaking, we are as liberal as the Bible permits and as conservative as the Bible demands. The purpose of Christian Fellowship Church is to make Christ known, and to keep those who know Him growing in their knowledge of Him.

-CFC has activities for ALL ages! Come get involved!

• Sunday Morning Services:
o Traditional Service at 8:30
o Sunday School at 9:40
o Contemporary Service at 10:40
o Middle/ High School Youth 6:00
o Wednesday Night Bible Study at 7

What should you expect at CFC?

• What should I wear?
Clothes. We’re not concerned about what’s going on on the outside. If it helps you out, many of those attending will be wearing anything from jeans to a suit. So just come as you are, and be comfortable.

• What’s the music like?
In our Traditional Service, Hymns are used. In our Contemporary Service, you'll hear music ranging from hits you hear today on Christian radio, to Hymns, to a Choir singing. Come and hear it for yourself!

• Will I be asked to give money?
If you’re new here and checking things out, we want you to experience the service as our guest. We’re not about getting your money. The offering is a time for those who consider Christian Fellowship Church their home church. Don’t worry– no one will be watching to see if you give.

• What’s the environment like?
We understand that church might be a little bit out of your comfort zone– and that’s okay. That’s why we try very hard to help you feel at home while you’re here. We want you to feel relaxed, and remove any barriers that make it harder for you to connect with God and others.

• What about my kids?
Dynamic children’s programs are available during the Contemporary Sunday service. Here, age-appropriate small groups and experienced leaders help your children learn about God in exciting and relevant ways. This is available for kids of the nursery age through 6th grade.

-If you have any questions or would like to know more, PLEASE call, e-mail, or leave us a comment. We'd love to see you at one of our services. Will you come try it out?